Music of Rain & Farmers of India

                         Music of Rain & Farmers of India

       'Ghanan Ghanan Ghan bhar aaye ghir aaye badra', 'Rim Zhim Rhim Zhim Rum Zhum Rum Zhum', ' Tip Tip Barsa Paani', 'Chai Chappa Chai, Chappak Chai', 'Taak Jhum Jhum Taak Jhum Jhum'. Bollywood has used many such words to describe Music of Rain and water. Really the sound of rain & the smell of drenched soil in the first rain of Monsoon fills our heart with Joy and happiness. Just imagine how important it is for the Farmers whose complete life depends on this Rain water. 
       India has witness biggest drought in the late 70s. In past two two-three years Monsoon deficiency has become regular problem in the lives of farmers of Maharashra. Farmers are committing suicides as they don't have any alternate income source and Farming is no more profitable business for them. Neither they are able to produce sufficient amount of corps nor they are getting right value for their produce. The biggest concern is Government is not taking enough steps to save our farmers from taking  extreme steps like suicides. But the worst part is that NCDEX, the commodity market of India is failing to Monitor the Malpractices in the Forward contracts of the Agriculture produce. 

       Yesterday when NCDEX closed CASTOR seed trading in the Market completely; it faced huge criticism from all the participants of Market. The step was taken as per the bylaws of the Exchange without consulting SEBI. If the Commodity Market is run by Speculators then what is the point in Stopping trading so abruptly? Why haven't you probed in the Malpractices earlier and made changes in the rules accordingly. Why aren't you deciding the Rates based on Average rates of different Mandis and relying only on ONE mandi where Manipulation can easily take place. These traders and middlemen who are hoarding the Food-grains and creating artificial Inflation is not new in the commodity Market. We saw same thing happening in Daals few months back. So when are you going to take right steps? 

           Capitalists are earning huge profits by their malpractices and manipulations on one side and Farmers of India are committing suicides for the loans merely worth 1 lac on another side. Such a contrasting picture of India? Who is responsible for it? If you will keep looting poor farmers like this; one day you will have to depend totally on costly Imported food-grains; don't you realize this?  

             Irrigation network in India is increasing properly but it's not yet succeded to reach the parts far away from water-resources. In such cases farming solely depends on the Monsoon Rain. Sometimes you get to see Music of Rain making families of Farmer happy; and sometimes you hear crying widows in their early twenties with infants in their arms.  Save the farmers. Music is not always pleasant. 
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