Kansas Killing and Social Media Reactions

                  Kansas Killing and Social Media Reactions

India is country of huge unemployed Man-power whose full-time business is 'Social Media'. 
From Disha Patani's Cleavage to Narendra Modi's 'Greatness'; everything gets discussed here. People don't know what's happening in their homes but they stay updated with what is Trending on Twitter? In such 'highly reactive Online and highly insensitive Offline' world of 'Social Media Netizens'  unfortunate News like Killing of an Indian in Kansas by some drunk 51 yr old American becomes Topic of National importance. Why can't you see 'Crime' News as 'Crime News'; why you are in hurry to generalize things and calling Entire USA Racist? In India we hear many cases of Foreign Women getting Raped by some Sick people; does that makes entire India as Nation of rapist? So please, stop jumping the guns at another Nation which was your 'American Dream unrealized' few years ago.

   Some are calling it as result of policies by American President Donald Trump. They must know that in the 'Post-Truth' era politics both Donald Trump and Narendra Modi have won the Elections by the single agenda of 'Nationalism'. A Nationalism which gives power to GoRakshaks to Trash Dalits in Una can also give an American courage to yell at Indian to 'Get out' of his country. You can't praise Modi and blame Trump. They both are sides of same coin. Trump won the election by 'Make America Great Again' campaign which included 'Protectionism' as it's key tool. So if Indians are losing their Jobs to native Americans you shouldn't be crying 'foul'. USA is not your Country and Donald Trump is not your President. You can blame Raj Thackeray for trashing Biharis in Mumbai who are stealing Jobs of Maharashtra because we are in one nation. But you have no rights to ask Donald Trump why he is reducing Out sourcing to India or deporting illegal immigrants back to India. It's his own country and he is doing it legally. 

   Few years ago when an Indian was killed in Australia; his father cried on Media closing his hands pleaded to Nation 'please don't send your children abroad. Shree's father said the same thing yesterday after his son was shot in Kansas. Now does that mean you will cancel your Plans to USA/Australia? No. You will go there if you will get good opportunities of career and life. You will surely go there; but on your own risk. Right? Then what's the point of blaming people of another country for not accepting you? Why you want acceptance from all ? Some will definitely hate you, abuse you racist rants or even attack you. All you can do is IGNORE then or take help of Legal Enforcement agencies of that country if things gets physical. But expecting them to treat you as their fellow-american is absolutely rubbish thing. Even if you are paying taxes there; you don't belong there. Even if you have a Green card, you can never become their first priority. Hope you are getting my point. 

  Condolences to family of Srinivas Kuchibhotla and thanks to all the Indians and Americans who helped raise funds for his widow. May God give her strength in her difficult time.     


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