Unnao Gangrape Case

                               Unnao Gangrape Case

(Image source: The Indian Express)

    Unnao Gangrape case once again proved that India is a failed 'Society'. It is not safe for women. 'Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao' slogan should be converted into 'Beti ko Bachao, aur Baap ko bhi bachao'. I am deeply hurt to see the victim and her family suffering so much daily. Instead of giving solid support to them in this case, they are being threatened and mocked by the powerful politicians and their supporters. I want to ask to all the supporters of BJP in UttarPradesh what if this happens with your Mother or Sister? Will you keep mum like this? Will you keep supporting the culprits? Will you not seek for justice? Won't your blood boil? Won't you seek revenge? If you are made to go through all this; Will you still support Government who is trying to save the rapist just because of Political reasons? Please answer my questions.

  Unnao Case is so horrific that I have lost faith in law enforcement agencies too. Shame on UP Police who still calls the rapist with honor 'Vidhayak Ji', 'Mananiya Vidhayak Ji'. etc. UP Police took 240 days to file an F.I.R. against Rapist. Is this your 'No Tolerance' against Rape cases? Is this your tribute to Nirbhaya? Will you do same thing if your daughter gets Gangraped by some Politician and his allies in your city? Don't you have any humanity left? If Police is not ready to protect the us, where should we go? Why there is so much apathy towards the rape-victim? Don't you have any morale? Don't you have heart? Can't you see how much the young lady suffering? She was gangraped, her father was brutally trashed and died in your custody? Still you are afraid to take any action against rapist, just because he is BJP vidhayak? You waited for CBI to intervene, tell us what was your duty then? Why are you wearing Police uniform? Please answer my questions. 

  Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Mr Yogi Adityaraj people voted you because they felt that BJP will finish the 'Gundaraaj' in UttarPradesh. But you disappointed not only people of Uttar Pradesh but also people of entire India. Why there is so much delay in his arrest? What is stopping you to send him behind jail if you already believe that he should be booked under POSCO? Why no action against all the Police who didn't registered FIR of that Girl. Why there is no action against Police under whose custody the Father of Victim died. You aren't married.You don't have Wife. You don't have daughter. Seriously, you will never understand the pain of that Girl and her family. You already saved Swami Chinmayanand, anotheru rapist. How can nation expect justice from you? Women in Uttar Pradesh are looking at you. You must re-assure them that you are strong enough to protect rights of Women. You will give justice to rape-victim by sending your Vidhayak in Jail and taking strict action against all other culprits in the case. India is keenly watching this case and wants strict action against BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar. Can we trust you? Please answer my questions. 

   Mr. Narendra Modi, you are the most loved Prime Minister in India. You talk so much about Women Safety and Women Empowerment in your Mann Ki Baat. You are known to have detailed knowledge of current affairs in India. You are aware about whatever is happening in Uttar Pradesh currently. Why there is not a single Statement or direction from you in this case. Please answer my question? 

 Media, we are really thankful to you. We know that you are no more independent. We are aware that Press Freedom doesn't exist in India anymore. We are aware that you give filtered news nowdays. We are aware that most of you have lost respect in the eyes of public due to your Paid News. Most of us insult you as Presstitudes. But in Unnao Case you have proved that we can rely only on you. In this case you are the only one who followed the story. You are the only one who is pressurizing the Police and Government to arrest the rapist. You are the only one who is standing strongly behind the victim and her family. You are the only one, who have kept your differences, competition, commitments  to your bosses aside and working unitedly for making sure that justice will be served. In Unnao case, you are the only one we trust now. Hats off to you. Keep it up. We, the people of India are with you. Together we will ensure that no Bahubali in India will dare to do any such crime again. 


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