Teacher's Day 2018

 Teacher's Day 2018

   On Sunday 9th Sept. 2018 Team Ashwamedh gave me surprise by visiting me at my home in Virar for wishing me HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY. It was pleasant surprise for me. Thank you very much for all your love and support guys. It's completely my pleasure to mentor Gems like you. I feel really proud to see the way you have grown up as 'Leaders' in last few years. Keep up the great work. Ashwamedh Foundation has completed 6 glorious years. We have to see many more years together. Still long way to go guys. 


Shakil and Deepak Doddamani at Old Viva College, Virar

Installation of TANK was done on 15th August 2018 at Old Viva college 

Blessy, Betsy and Sneha - Woman power of Ashwamedh Foundation 

Abdul, Jitendra, Sneha, Blessy, Betsy amd Deepak 

Thank you for this wonderful TEACHER'S Day Gift 



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