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Deepbaazigar versus Stocksbaazigar

Deepbaazigar v/s Stocksbaazigar
    After 11th of September 2018, I am writing any post on the 'World of Deepbaazigar' blog. Today, I am feeling really sad that I listened to people and killed my alter-ego 'Deepbaazigar' for so many years. Only Deepak Doddamani knew how 'Deepbaazigar' heals him and makes him a stronger person. I shouldn't have listened to those Slaves who work for others as Salaried employees and preach entrepreneurs about how to carry themselves in public. As an Entrepreneur, it was completely OK for me to be a little nerd. Naukars who do Naukri of others are always chained by their public persona. They can behave the way Society wants them to, but I am a free bird and I should have respected my raw and natural way of leading. Entrepreneurs shouldn't behave like Managers. Managers are the losers who can't think anything if they don't have any resources in hand or any power on subordinates. Entrepreneurs are always powerful. They…